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Shout Out Kyrie Irving For Starting A $1.5 Million Fund For WNBA Players That Are Sitting Out Their Restart For Health/Safety Reasons

I know Kyrie catches a lot of hate - especially from Celtics fan. The dude is chaotic, he has crazy ass theories and he promised Celtics fans he'd be there forever. But shout out Kyrie Irving. The WNBA hasn't exactly had the best run of news lately, especially with how they treated Elena Delle Donne: 

Imagine the NBA going against LeBron or Giannis or some All-NBA player, that's the equivalent here. But shout out Kyrie, for obviously having a shit ton of money to do this, and starting this fund with $1.5 million. That's no small amount. I know people will talk shit because of it being the WNBA and/or Kyrie, but this is him at least being about it. He's not just saying he's going to do something to help, he's actually doing something. That should be applauded. 

So shout out Kyrie, for all the hate he gets and some of it is deserved, this is one of the better things he's done. 

Obligatory video in any blog involving the WNBA: