Hot Doctors Are Posting Bikini Pics After A "Study" Said That They Were Unprofessional

I mean, just absolutely gross by this "journal" to post a "study" saying that females in healthcare shouldn't post pictures of themselves wearing bikinis or drinking alcohol because it is "unprofessional". In 2020 during a pandemic no less. 

The study, published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, touched on the impact of “publicly available social media content” and how it could affect future patients’ physician choices. In order to conduct the study, the researchers, who were mostly men, created “neutral” — i.e., undercover —  accounts to investigate content posted online.

They deemed photos that display alcohol, that contain “inappropriate attire” such as bathing suits or costumes, and posts with censored profanity or controversial opinions as “potentially unprofessional content

Female physicians and nurses who were justifiably outraged by this shameful study have protested in the most apt way possible…posting bikini pictures. 

What a stupid article. I've had a hot doctor one time in my life. She was an anesthesiologist who happened to be good friends with my older cousin. I was in high school, needed surgery on my wrist. She happened to be the one who administered a local anesthetic and well…it made my brain loopy, or so the story goes. I don't remember any of this, but apparently I just hit on her the entire time to the point that they upped to the dosage to knock me unconscious. Not my finest hour at age 16. You know why I probably hit on her though? Because women like that are #goals. Who doesn't want a big ole brain in their girlfriend? AND…who the fuck cares if your doctor is hot? When you're in need of medical care nothing really matters. Political views, appearance, social life, nothing. All anyone should care about is merit. Can this person fix whatever is wrong with me? If the answer is yes then how they dress at the beach or bar or anything doesn't matter. Shout out to these women for saving lives and also…hey