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2020 Keeps 2020'ing As The Joker Was Spotted Jet Skiing In New York City Over The Weekend

You know what? Fuck it. Having some lunatic jet ski around in the putrid waters of New York City while dressed up like the most psychotic villain in comic book history would usually concern me. But there has actually never been a better time for Gotham to open its arms and embrace an agent of chaos. Look around. The whole goddamn city is already fucked as is. Violence on the rise, the homeless taking over the street, and amateur pyros putting on firework shows like they are Macy's on a nightly basis.

Maybe sprinkling a little bit more chaos is exactly what this city needs. If two negatives make a positive, maybe we just need a little more chaos to restore order? In fact, I say you should throw this jet skiing nutjob on a political ticket in order to clean things up a bit. If de Blasio could run New York for years, why not a clown the embraces the look? Dealing with angry New Yorkers ain't shit when you've already dealt with whatever toxins are flowing through the local rivers and I'm pretty sure the only politician that had enough swagger to trump a dude jet skiing in a full suit in New York City was assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963 (Please see Darren Rovell's Twitter feed early in the morning for in depth video).


If 2020 wants to go full heel, and based on everything I've seen the last 7 month it truly does, lets just unleash all of the big baddies on their respective hometowns like a real life version of the Imaginationland episode of South Park. Throw The Joker in New York, ManBearPig in Colorado, and Freddy Krueger in our nightmares.

However, keep these sick fucks planted in the Fiction section of the library because once they appear, the apocalypse is nigh.

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