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MLB Has Reached Its Doomsday Scenario As The Marlins Now Have a Full On Covid-19 Outbreak And Have Cancelled Their Game Tonight


And just like that Major League Baseball has reached its doomsday worst case scenario: a Covid-19 outbreak during opening weekend. What you do moving forward here is an answer I simply do not have. I've got nothing. The Yankees are scheduled to play the Phillies tonight and use the dugout the Marlins were just occupying this past weekend. How on Earth do they go on with that game tonight given the facts we have now? If I'm them I don't even think about entering that ball park. Not a fucking chance. At least 14 people on the Marlins team have coronavirus with the potential for that number to increase easily. This is a disaster. PLEASE DO NOT PLAY TONIGHT. If you have to just go with a doubleheader tomorrow and play it safe. That's not even playing it safe, that's just logic. Move the series to Yankee Stadium if you have to. 

So now what? The Phillies have to all get tested I assume and if there's even a smidgen of an outbreak there do you blow the whole thing up? Do you just have the Marlins play no more games and keep the season going for everyone else? I legit do not fucking know and the worst part of this is that Rob Manfred is the guy having to answer all of these questions. One could argue he is the last man qualified on Earth to handle this. 

Hey it was a fun weekend at least while it lasted right? 

It was always going to be a Florida team. Fucking Florida. I'm sad.