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Greg Norman Almost Cut Off His Hand With A Chainsaw And Here He Is Smiling Shirtless After Surgery

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People- “Working with a chainsaw ALWAYS be respectful of the unexpected,” is a pretty ominous caption for a photo.  But don’t worry, golf fans: Greg Norman is okay.  The 59-year-old Australian and former pro golfer was rushed to the hospital Saturday after an accident with the power tool, which nearly cost him his left hand. But, as of Sunday, he was back on his feet and in good spirits.  “All well the morning after… at the scene of the crime,” he wrote in an Instagram post. After the incident, Norman posted a picture of himself lying in a hospital bed with his left arm bandaged.  “I was one lucky man today,” he captioned the photo. “Damaged, but not down and out. Still have left hand.”  Norman, whose nickname is “The Shark,” won 91 professional world events during his career. He now lives in Florida.


Greg Norman.  The man.  We need more of the Shark in our lives.  He was one of the first golfers who I actually rooted for.  Was it because he was an awesome golfer?  Was it because he was a two-time major winner?  Was it because he’s Australian and their accents are cool as shit?  Nope, it was none of those things.  It was because of the badass hats he would wear with the shark logo on it.  They were the coolest.  The second my Dad told me his nickname was “The Shark”, I was in.  Don’t even act like that’s not an awesome nickname.  It’s too bad that he’s entered our lives this time because he almost cut off his left hand in a horrific chainsaw accident and took a picture with a pinkish purple lego piece wrapped around his wrist.  Pretty crazy that this happened on Saturday and he’s already out and about, snapping shirtless pictures with his almost-detached left hand and making jokes about.  And since when is Greg a diesel-bodied sex symbol?  That shirtless picture of him giving a thumbs up is an absolute panty dropper.  Here’s to making a full recovery, Shark.


That hat.  Glorious.

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