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Get Your Week Rolling With The Orange Mocha Frappuccino Gas Fight From Zoolander

This scene goes out to all the fans out there that were praying for a baseball season to happen in order to shake the corona blues, got all excited for games to begin over the last few weeks, and then were instantly reminded that this sport is a dangerous drug that can blow up directly in your face at a given moment. Am I projecting on my beloved Metropolitans deep dicking me and the rest of the Mets fans with an Edwin Diaz blown save followed by a slaughtering at the hands of their rivals over the last two games? Maybe. But based on my timeline, it sounds like we are very much not alone in feeling burnt by our team. 

So soak in all of the happiness, ridiculousness, and willful ignorance of this scene with the PERFECT soundtrack because you never know when things may come to an end, including the aforementioned baseball season that has already drawn first blood on most of our souls.