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The Raptors Starters Booed Their Own Head Coach For Pulling Them Out Of A Scrimmage Before Talking Shit To The Blazers From The Bench

Absolutely love this move from the Raptors starters. That's how you set a tone heading into real games. You can't be comfortable getting pulled from a game when it's just a 12-point deficit. Oh, no, you need to boo your head coach. Pretty sure that's one of the best feelings in the world. You're winning, you get to make fun of your coach and let out one of the best sounds in the world - a hearty boo. 

Now it was fucking chippy the entire game. You had Nurkic and Ibaka going at it

And this is exactly what I want. All the talk about these guys not having 'female companionship' and not able to have sex means we need to have more pent up anger than ever. Give me dudes ready to throw hands during an exhibition game. Give me hard fouls. Give me guys talking shit the moment they step onto the court. That's what's going to make everything about the lack of females in the bubble more intriguing for me. 

This is also why we need limited fake fan noise. I want to hear all the shit talking - preferably unedited. Let me hear exactly what these dudes are saying to each other.