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I'd Like To Introduce A New Bill I Am Calling The "Cuomo Compromise" So We Don't Have To Buy Food At Every Bar We Go To


So without a doubt the dumbest law was put into motion that said you HAVE to buy food, like a meal, if you want to get a drink from the bar. It significantly hurts bar owners, as you can no longer walk up to a bar and grab a marg to go, or get a round of drinks with your friends. The first rule was you had to buy a food item, so bars were selling cheap bags of chips or something of the sort for a dollar. Actually was great, made sure you ate and didn't break the bank.

But then a bar in upstate went semi-viral sort of mocking it by naming them "Cuomo Chips" and for some reason he took offense to that, and decided to change the rule and now you have to order a legit meal if you want to get drinks. It's terrible for everyone and literally makes zero sense- you used to be able to belly up to a bar for hours on end and eat nothing, but now they are making it even harder for bars to make money in the middle of the summer when it's 95 degrees outside and no indoor seating. And every bar has like 3-5 tables max, so if there's no tables available to eat at, you're just shit out of luck. 

So what is happening? People are ordering the cheapest food item on the menu and it's going to waste. I've seen people legit just pick up their drinks AND LEAVE THE FOOD THERE. And what happens to the food? It goes directly into the trash. It's awful. People will eat food if they want to eat, nothing is going to force someone who lives in NYC to eat while drinking if they don't want to. 

So what is my "Cuomo Compromise"? It's easy- you can choose to donate a dollar on top of each drink you order to first responders or what have you. Or to feed the homeless. Or a new charity we don't even know about. Want 5 drinks to go? 5 dollars goes to charity. Or shit, make it a 5 dollar donation minimum. "Food or Five", holy shit that's a catchy name. I could totally see my bartender saying "food or five?" all night. 

And everyone wins. Money is raised, food doesn't go to waste, you can go to multiple bars in a night without worrying, and bar owners aren't losing a shit ton of money because of this terrible shortsighted legislation. And best yet, he can name it after himself! The Cuomo Compromise. It's perfect. What's not perfect is making these bars suffer and making so much food go to waste just so people can take a round of shots. There's a better way, so let's do it. Someone get this blog on Cuomo's desk, please.