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No Morrrrrrre Rrrrrrrrosas :(

Not gonna lie, this was not the ideal way to get things rolling on a Sunday morning. There were some dark days as a Giants fan the last few years and one of the few things that got me through them was being able to fool around and fall in love with our unknown young kicker because I liked rolling the R's in his last name. Then he turned himself into a Pro Bowler in 2018 at the ripe old age of 24 and I wondered if we may have an answer to the question that has bamboozled countless NFL contenders. I've long said that you need a championship coach, quarterback, and kicker to win a Super Bowl in the NFL and I thought my guy Rrrrrrosas could be that guy for a decade. Instead, he not only fucked up but he fucked up with a coach that doesn't tolerate fuck ups so much they call him Coach Judge. So now we have to find a replacement for a position that sways God knows how many games every single season right before whatever fake ass training camp is about to take place during this coronaseason. Not great!

We already have people connecting the dots to a kicker that has Super Bowl hardware and history with Coach Judge

No offense to Stephen Gostkowski who put the fear of God into me in fantasy every time I played against him. But as someone that had him in fantasy while he was apparently battling injury, I need him to prove he is healthy before putting the fate of my team on his leg.

Instead, there is a kicker who is hungry, ready to work, and healthy (outside of what I imagine is probably a decent hangover considering it is Sunday morning) that loves the game of football more than anybody else on the planet. He just so happens to live a short Uber drive away from East Rutherford and is automatic from 35 yards and closer, which is the furthest field goal the well-oiled Danny Dimes led offense will need to settle for this season.

One last Rrrrrrosas for the rrrrrrroad (please don't turn this into a driving joke during these very sensitive times).