Matt Gaudet Just Put On The Greatest Shit Talking Performance In The History Of Sports

What we just witnessed out of Matt Gaudet was a star being born. Oh my lord. 

Just a few short months ago, the Chaos selected Matt Gaudet in the PLL College Draft. At the time I said it was probably my favorite pick of the draft because of Gaudet's elite chirping ability. Out of everybody in college lacrosse over the past few years, he is hands down the greatest shit talker. But for some godforsaken reason, the Chaos decided to trade Gaudet away to the Chrome later in the offseason. HUUUUGE mistake because Gaudet came out today and relentlessly bullied everybody on that team, and primarily Blaze Riorden. 

A rookie being interviewed in the middle of a broadcast on NBCSN, standing right next to Blaze and blasting out to the world that "yeah Riorden just sucks". What a menace. What a rat. What an absolute legend. And that was just a taste of the Gaudet Gauntlet he put the Chaos through the whole night. Here are some more of my favorites. 

Two things here. 1) The PLL completely revolutionized the game by having players mic'd up and included in the broadcast mid-game. 2) Matt Gaudet needs to be mic'd up at all times. And not just when he's on the field. I'm talking 24/7. 

What a performance by the rookie. And what a performance by the Chrome. They had to wait 6 weeks before getting their first win of the season last year. But after a Jordan Wolf hat trick, a few bombs from Guterding, and some ruthless chirps from Gaudet? Pretty sure they scored the last 8 or 9 goals of the game. Complete and total domination in the 2nd half. Chrome are a problem.