So I'm Pretty Sure We Just Witnessed The Chaos Commit A Felony Crime With This Fast Break

Oh my lord. 

This entire sequence was just so rude. It all starts off with the bounce pass on the outlet from Blaze Riorden. So much confidence from Blazer to change up the release here and sling a quick bouncer up field. Then we get to the BTB show. 

Am I a little butt hurt that Curtis Dickson didn't finish this off with a BTB? Of course I am. Might lose a little sleep over it, honestly, because I know that Superman has the handles to pull it off. But the bouncer from Blaze followed up by back-to-back behind-the-backs on the fast break? That's following rule #1 to a tee right there. 

Let it be known that the Chowse are a certified wagooooooooon. 

Sidenote: Recurring guest Jordan Wolf clearly a big time fan of @thecreasedive