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Lou Williams Claiming He Hit Up An Atlanta Strip Club 'Just For Dinner' Is The Greatest Lie Of All Time, Even If He's Being Investigated By The NBA Now

Well checking in on the NBA bubble and yep, we have a strip club incident. I talked about it a bit earlier today when Lou Williams was just being accused of heading to an Atlanta strip club while he was out there for a funeral: 

But that's nothing compared to his excuse: 

Easily, EASILY the greatest excuse I've ever heard. I don't even care if he's being investigated by the NBA or anything now. The dude who had two girlfriends known as Brown and Blonde is hitting up Magic City just for dinner. That's the funniest thing you'll read in 2020. It's the most blatant lie that I almost believe him. The dude left a funeral for a family member, hit up the buffet at Magic City. I believe it, yo. 

It was clearly only a matter of time until we had this happen. We have guys leaving the bubble for 'family emergencies' all the time and they are taking private planes to and from Orlando. It's a no-brainer that at least one player is going to end up at a strip club. And now we could see Lou Will miss a few actual games: 

I'll say it makes this tweet from Lou even funnier now though: 

Here's the real thing though. We saw the NBA add DJ's for pool parties and shit, but why not you know, toss in a few strippers? The NBA got a barbershop in the bubble, you're telling me we can't get a strip club? I feel like it's very possible and could avoid situations like this or flying in a model from LA. 

Games didn't even start yet and we have an NBA player possibly getting suspended due to a strip club. Lou Will, the true Underground GOAT.