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Jets Trade Jamal Adams For A Boatload Of Picks

And thus concludes the anticlimactic Jamal Adams era with the New York Jets. The reality of the matter is this:

Yes, Jamal Adams is a fucking STUD safety. An absolute game changer on defense. As dynamic as they come and a guy whose impact can be seen all over the field. But he hates it here, has always hated it here, has been playing stupid, childish games through the media and on twitter & Instagram, and there was simply no chance he was ever going to pipe down and play ball.

Now, as annoying as it is, I also can’t blame him. I wouldn’t exactly be over the moon to play for The Goddamn Jets either. And I especially wouldn’t be excited to play for Adam Gase. Part of me believes that players should shut up and play, at least through their rookie contracts, and then they get their pick of where to play via free agency. But the other part of me cannot fault Jamal for wanting to get the fuck out of here and find his way out of here to a team with a real coach, and getting away from the circus that has been the Jets. At the end of the day we’re gonna need players who want to change things around here alongside Sam, and Jamal Adams simply isn’t that dude.

So, good riddance. Things were never gonna work out with Jamal. As talented as he is, he’s a diva and a dude who wants everything around him to be perfect. When you’re on a team that’s a...let’s be polite and call them in progress, it’s not a good fit. So when that’s the case, no matter how good he is, it’s better to be realistic about it and get the biggest haul you can possibly get. And hats off to Joe Douglas for doing just that. Getting a starting safety in return to slide right in along with multiple first round picks? That’s a fucking amazing return for a team that still has a lot of building to do. Obviously it’s all dependent upon what those picks turn into, but when you look around here in a couple years and see what’s surrounding Sam Darnold in his prime with all those picks, it could be far better than what Jamal Adams provides in the secondary.

So all in all, given some pretty shitty circumstances for the Jets, this was the best possible outcome. But what annoys me is STILL being in this position. STILL being the franchise that talented players want no part of. STILL being the franchise who can’t land a head coach that inspires players and makes them want to stay. As unprofessional as it was to say all that stuff about Adam Gase, Jamal Adams is 100% right. So it SUCKS as a fan to be sitting here, still dealing with this bullshit. Will it ever end? Will it ever fucking end? Who knows. Probably not. But a few first round picks is the best way to maybe make it happen.