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Tom Thibodeau Is The New Head Coach Of Your NEW...YORK...KNICKS!!!

So Thibs it is after all and for a full five years. I don't blame Tom Thibodeau's agent for fighting for those two extra years since recent history at MSG says that his client will probably get fired by the end of his deal, so you need as much guaranteed money as possible. 

I'm sure most Knicks fans are split down the middle on this just like they are almost every other aspect of the team other than James Dolan being an absolute fucknut. He had a bunch of success in Chicago where he may or may not have ground a few players' knees into dust to do so then kinda flopped in Minnesota like many coaches do when they land the Coach + President title. However, let me remind the people upset at this news over two indisputable positives:

1. The Knicks didn't hire Jason Kidd as head coach

2. Again, the Knicks didn't hire Jason Kidd as head coach

I know Kenny Atkinson had his fans as did Mike Miller, who are both coaches I liked and I hope Miller does stick around as an assistant, which it sounds like may happen along with Mike Woodson's return.

I was also very much on board with hiring a relative unknown since hiring retreads has led to nothing but pain and losses and sadness and drinking (not the fun happy kind). But in the end, I was hoping Leon Rose and Worldwide Wes would get the coach they wanted in place to build this franchise in their vision, whatever thatt may be, and I guess Thibs is that guy. I have seen better coaches than Tom Thibodeau and worse coaches than Tom Thibodeau coach for this franchise the last 20 years and only a few guys have been able to achieve success while nobody has been able to sustain it. So forgive me if I'm not going to get too excited or down about a head coach signing as long as this chucklehead is signing the checks.

What I am going to get excited about is that I think we can hopefully stop getting frustrated about young core guys like Mitch and RJ not getting enough minutes since I'm pretty sure they are going to be asking for oxygen after their first Thibodeau practice. Thibs may favor playing some vets like many of the coaches from his era. But I imagine he will lean on those two guys heavily, which thankfully shouldn't be a problem since their tires have PLENTY of tread on them still, along with Frank Ntilikina, who is going to look like this while playing defense on a Thibs team. 

This gif could also be used for Meeeech but I need to find out how well Thibs teaches big men how to play defense without fouling before I use it on him

I know everyone is making the jokes about these guys being run into the ground in order to get wins. But the thought of actually playing our best players a lot for ANY kind of success and potentially reaching the ceiling of their potential is actually refreshing for my poor beaten basketball soul. 

The Knicks haven't re-signed a first round draft pick since Charlie fucking Ward so any scars Thibs leaves on these young guys will probably end up being the next team's problem anyway.

Finally, Thibs being a Knicks assistant from 1996-2004, which were some of the better times of my life as a Knicks fan despite it inevitably ending with the team ripping my still beating heart out of my chest. But at least I felt something and watched actual defense. So if you will excuse me, I am going to listen to these songs on loop and convince myself everything will be alright while Leon Rose and Worldwide Wes keep rebuilding this shit franchise back up from the ground.