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Chris Beard Showed Up To A Wedding Of Texas Tech Fans And Provided Whataburger For Them Thanks To A Bet On Twitter

And this is exactly how it's done. It's also why Texas Tech fans absolutely love Chris Beard. Well, things like this and him turning Texas Tech into one of the best programs in the country. Probably the winning helps. But this is how you know Chris Beard just gets it and could pull this off at pretty much any program in the country. It's why whenever a blueblood program opens up you'll heard Beard's name immediately listed, similar to Brad Stevens and Shaka Smart back in the day. 

But last August a Texas Tech fan decided to take a shot and ask him to officiate the wedding. Don't hate the idea of shooting for the stars. Beard negotiated back that he'd show up and bring Whataburger if the student section sold out. Well, fast forward to the first home game of the season and: 

That'll do it. Beard also addressed the deal in his press conference after the game: 

Beard is awesome, man. The dude just gets it. He talks about drinking beers at the Final Four. He’s one of the best coaches in the game. He’s turned Zhaire Smith and Jarrett Culver into lottery picks. He’s building something at Tech. And now he's showing up at weddings and providing Whataburger, his favorite meal.

Whataburger is fucking delicious too. If you haven't been to Texas yet and had it, you're missing out. Get yourself the jalapeno and cheese burger. Maybe some spicy ketchup. Maybe the sweet and spicy bacon burger. Either way, this is a perfect meal to have in a laid back wedding during a pandemic.