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Weekend Wake Up: Alex Lahey Does The Best Cover Of "Welcome To The Black Parade" I've Ever Heard

I know I've said it a few times, but I truly mean it this time. This is the best cover I've ever heard. Alex Lahey on Like A Version with the My Chemical Romance cover of arguably their best song. Mostly all the covers on Like A Version are really good, and done by some smaller artists, that's what I like about it. But man, I haven't stopped listening to this one for weeks now. She absolutely kills it, and even with a female singing the male parts, it's just so damn good. I'm a big cover guy, always have been, so this was right in my wheelhouse. I even dove deep into her songs on Spotify and let me tell you, she has some damn good songs. Wonder what MCR is doing right now, I miss those dudes. All they did was make some great videos, awesome songs, made some money and then dipped out. I bet they put on a great concert. Perfect high school angst music if you ask me. Listen up and enjoy.