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The NFL Season Is Officially Coming And Now So Am I

Did I ever TRULY think there wouldn't be professional football this season? Probably not. It always seemed like the NFL would steamroll through any potential coronavirus hiccups like Marshawn Lynch Beast Moding the Saints into infamy.

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But the funny thing about this year is that it has put pretty much everyone on their ass at one point or another. A scenario where the players united around each other during a crazy pandemic while Roger Goodell completely bungled things from the league's end followed by enough back and forth between the sides to pushed back the start of the season to the point of no return or some fake coronaseason like baseball seemed completely possible. Likely even because Roger Goodell can fuck up a wet dream. Football players blitzing the NFL with #WeWantToPlay tweets felt just like baseball players Tell Us When And Where tweets as negotiations hit Threat Level Midnight.

Instead the unions and the league worked everything out which means we have training camps about to open and a season to look forward to. It sounds like there will be no preseason and probably a fair share of positive tests along the way. But are now able to start planning our fantasy football drafts, dreaming of RedZone marathons where we only get up to piss or get more food/drinks, and scratch that glorious gambling itch that was stolen from us when March Madness disappeared.


This is the part of the blog where I remind everyone that nothing good comes out of training camp. I already dread the first tweet about a player being carted off the field not knowing if it was cramps or a torn ACL.