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Alex Smith Has Been Cleared For Football Activities...WOWWWWW


ESPN - Washington quarterback Alex Smith, who suffered a devastating tibia and fibula fracture in 2018, has received clearance from his surgical team to return to full football activity.

Smith, who spoke to ESPN while filming an update for his E:60 documentary "Project 11," is in the process of going through COVID-19 testing and expects to report Monday to the team's facility, where he will undergo a team physical.

Once there, the team is expected to determine the next steps for Smith's eventual participation in training camp.

"Everyone was in agreement that my bone was in a really good place," Smith told ESPN. "I had healed a lot. They said that given the combination of the rod and where I was with the healing process, I had zero limitations and could even resume some football activities.


This is just astonishing. In the good way. A miracle some would say. If you didn't watch his E:60, basically his leg was a second from being amputated. It was done. It was down to the bone. I'm not going to post that very graphic picture, but you can find it if you'd like.



And now, some how, some way, he has been cleared by his doctor for football activities. It's CRAZY. It's incredible. It's so awesome. Now keep in mind, it's HIS doctor. That doesn't mean team doctor, which scares me. He's taking a phsyical on Monday and they could say he's not cleared. But even his doctor clearing him sounds like good news.

So obviously I'm rooting for him. He battled and battled and fought for his leg and his life, and now there's a real chance he takes snaps in the NFL again. Gonna be sob city when he takes that first snap for The Football Team. Man. Hats off to him for proving nothing is impossible.