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My Ex Released A Stellar Album Today. But Even Though I Wish Her Nothing But The Best, That's Not What We're Listening To This Weekend. This Weekend's Mic Check Playlist Here

Everybody's heard Taylor's new album by now. I won't bore you with the third positive review of it today. She got her fastball back, that's for sure. ("Exile". Holy moly). 

And I'm really happy for her. I am. I'm glad to see her rebound, and back where she belongs. 

On top.

Things have definitely worked out for the best for the both of us since this pic was taken (and she may or may have not got a restraining order against me). 


So best of luck to her and continued success!

Here is this weekend's playlist. Titled "Mic Check" and keeping in the week's theme of good, old school hip hop.

If this isn't your thing then check out one of the last few weeks' playlists. There's something for everybody so far. And if there's not, then send me a request for one or submit your own to me. 


And if you were in fact in the mood for some Taylor, than bang out to the epic 3 hour T Swift mix of hers right here -