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Relive The Last Isles/Capitals Game 7 - The 4 OT Easter Epic From 1987

Pushing 30 years ago that the Isles and Capitals squared off in one of the most dramatic game 7’s in sports history. I remember it as well as a 2 year old boy can remember it. Surrounded by the entire Clancy family, all of us diehard Islanders fans. They say Grandpa Clancy almost passed away during the 3rd OT. Too much for his heart. In the end, it was Pat LaFontaine and the Isles who prevailed after a 4th extra session. It launched a life of Islanders loyalty for your boy KFC.

I dont think we can assume tonight is going 4 overtimes. You can never predict an all time classic like that. But I will say this Islanders-Capitals series has been a battle of epic proportions. A back and forth slobberknocker. A roller coaster affair that has both Isles and Caps fans at a fever pitch. Some violent play and the star power like Tavares vs Ovechkin took things on the ice to the next level. The rift that has grown between the two groups of fans and the drama surrounding the Coliseum’s last year has taken things off the ice to the next level. Its only right that this series goes 7. And its only right the Islanders prevail. The Rangers await, and as sports fans, Rangers/Isles in the second round will be one of the best things we’ve watched in a long time. Nobody gives a fuck about the Capitals. Outside of Ovechkin there’s just nothing there. The New York Islanders vs the New York Rangers for a chance to play in the Eastern Conference Finals will be straight up war. Violence, drama, rivalry, pageantry. The battle for New York is not what we want for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, its what we need.

At this stage in the game, we know exactly what it takes to win. The team with the superior goaltending and the team who hits harder and plays smart, physical hockey is walking away with this series. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that this is a classic postseason hockey series. Need Halak to stand on his head and you need this makeshift defensive corps swarming and angry like they were game 6. Play with passion and fury. Isles need to fucking CLOSE OUT PERIODS. Play a full 20 minutes each and every period instead of 19:10 or 19:20 and they’ll hold on to their leads. If the Isles get a big performance from Jaro, they win. If the Caps get a big performance from Ovechkin, they win.

Hockey Gods are on our side tonight. Just play a smart complete game and let destiny run its course. Dont get in the way of Fate’s plans by letting the Capitals advance with some bonehead, soft play.