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In Honor Of National Tequila Day, Here's The Legendary Shoe Nice Chugging An Entire Bottle Of 1800 On Camera

Real internet OG's know Shoe Nice, aka Christopher Schewe, as the guy who rose to early internet fame by chugging bottles of booze on camera. Later in his career he got into eating non-edible food items which was equal parts shocking and sad. There were rumors of his death, but according to his YouTube channel he's somehow still alive and kicking. So in honor of National Tequila Day, I wanted to share this video of Mr. Nice "slamming" a bottle of 1800 Tequila. Not because I'm glorifying his drinking, but because it is simply a shocking video. Let this be a PSA to everyone watching on how NOT to drink.

And one more for good measure...


Disgusting. Everyone have a safe weekend.