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Great News: You Can Buy Masks With Well-Worn Panties *Already* Sewn Into Them

What led me to the panty-mask discovery was this completely separate story I intended to blog:

From Reuters:

A man strolled down central London’s most popular shopping street on Friday with only a mask to cover his nudity, leaving passerbys astounded, amused and shocked.

As the man walked nonchalantly along Oxford Street, naked except for the light blue face mask over his groin, some took pictures on their phones while others simply stared.

It was unclear what prompted the stunt but masks became compulsory on Friday in English shops.

A Reuters photographer caught a picture of the man from an office above the street.

…And I guess it's a whole big thing now (among at least 2 fellas so far)…


And again - I thought that was the real story here, but when I went to see if others had been out & about with a mask on their crotch (big J journalism with big I investigations) I stumbled upon something much more important:

That's right. #NoFreeAds but you can, indeed, buy masks with well-worn panties/pantyhose crotches already sewn into them for an all-day horned-up vibe. No more pricking your fingers sewing your own in there because you lost the thimble again. People are willing to do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can do the heavy sniffing without the trouble. Another great part of this is that it's discreet and yet you get the thrill of doing it in public. If you're in town right now look to your right. Odds are good that person's rocking one as we speak. Don't miss out, get yours today. Promo code ANUS.