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Which 3 Will Ferrell Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

Column A: To me, 'The Other Guys' is untouchable. It's one of the funniest comedies of the past decade and holds up the best out of all Ferrell's movies in my opinion. So this really comes down to Anchorman vs Elf. The latter is one of the best christmas movies ever, and on the off chance that my putrid spunk ever becomes children, I'd like to think that it would be a mainstay in my house. I also think that I rewatch it more frequently than I rewatch Anchorman, but that might just be due to availability. That said, I'm deleting Elf. I can survive without it and Anchorman has to much nostalgic value to me. 

Column B: You could make the argument that Talladega Nights is objectively the funniest movie of this bunch. But I think I enjoy the other two more overall. Shit, this was actually the hardest column for once. 

Column C: 'Blades of Glory' is fairly easily my pick. I love Zoolander and the character of Mugatu kills me every time I watch the movie. And Blades never connected with me the same way that Semi-Pro did. 

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