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So Kobe Is On Twitter Now And Of Course 1 Of The 6 People He Follows Is Rovell, Of Course


So everyone was pointing this out to me yesterday. Asking me what I thought about Kobe following 4 athletes and Rovell. Well, to tell you the truth, I couldn’t be happier. If everyone I hate likes each other my life gets significantly easier. I hope Rovell and Kobe start a rap group together, or maybe get a gay marraige, anything that binds them closer together will just make my hate grow that much more. Its simple math. I hate Kobe. I hate Rovell. So 1 hate plus 1 hate = infinity hate.

Sidenote – If Kobe fucks Alex Morgan I’m going to be so pissed.


That’s cute. The “alleged” rapist and “alleged” murderer are friends. What a great couple.

Double PS

Is there a bigger ballwasher on planet earth than Reilly? How fucking desperate can one person be? Its disgusting. I feel like we’re a few months away from the Half Baked Drugs Anonymous scene only instead of Bob Saget its Rick Reilly asking people if they’ve ever sucked dick for twitter followers.