James Dolan Remains The Goddamn Worst: He's Refusing To Agree To Terms With Tom Thibodeau, Jason Kidd Is Now The Favorite To Coach The Knicks

[Source] - Thibodeau has long been considered top choice but a source said James Dolan has thus far been unwilling to agree to his contract requests. It’s still possible the sides reach an agreement, but it would require a concession. Given the reservations about Kidd — who has a history of short stays and ugly breakups — retaining interim coach Mike Miller is another possibility if Thibodeau doesn’t re-emerge.

Oh come on, you gotta be fucking kidding me. I want to be surprised. I want to be shocked. But how can I? I've said this was going to happen since the beginning because the Knicks are so goddamn stupid


Everything about this is so stupid. I'm not even a Thibs fan! I very much want to have Ime Udoka or any of the other younger assistant coaches. I've said it before but this is what needs to happen. Every coaching hire has pretty much been 'he has a chance to land massive free agents' instead of 'he's known for building young guys and a young team.' That's the Knicks focus. They have the youth. They have more top picks coming in. Work with building a core. We've seen that be a way to be successful in the NBA. I'm not saying that anyone will replicate the Warriors - but look at the Nuggets. They grew Jokic, Murray, even a guy like Gary Harris. 

Yeah, no shit I'd love to land Giannis. But why would Giannis follow Jason Kidd? Just because he made him a point guard? Well, the Bucks didn't do shit under Jason Kidd. Every time the Knicks take one decent step forward it's 4,000 gigantic steps backwards. And of course - OF COURSE - it's Dolan. Of course he can't meet Thibs' demands. 

Play the kazoo you gremlin asshole.