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The Dodgers' Organist Remains Undefeated After Last Night's Balloon Escapade

During the 8th inning of last night's Dodgers-Giants game a balloon floated onto the field. Now normally when the world isn't battling a global pandemic and there are fans in the stands this would be a common occurrence. That was not the case last night. There were obviously zero fans in attendance during the game. None. Zip. Nada. I have absolutely no idea how this balloon made its way to Dodger Stadium. This thing was either a Covid balloon sent by a person with bad intentions (I've watched too much 24) or it was from the aliens. I will only accept those two explanations at this moment in time. 

Now to the title of this blog. The Dodger's organist is one of the great sleeper weapons for any team during the 2020 season. He gives you a home field advantage and makes you feel comfortable. Dieter Ruehle is his name and he is the best in the business. Dude's playing 99 luftballons before that thing even touched the ground. That's just a pro's pro right there. My first taste of Deiter was when I was in attendance for the Red Sox Dodgers World Series game that lasted 7 hours. He just kept playing all night long without missing a beat. He could've kept going for days. It was more impressive than anything I saw on the field that night. 


Dieter used to be the Lakers and LA Kings organist for years until taking over for the Dodgers. His job requires him to pay attention to every single little detail and come up with perfection on the spot. He's the best in the business.