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MLS Player Gets Caught Using 'Magic Spray' On His Junk Right In Front Of The Camera As His Teammate Is Injured

I have so many questions. First and I think most importantly as I speak on behalf of every male here - does this shit work? Does this actually prevent ball sweat and chafing? Because if so, I'm about to be the biggest magic spray fan in the world. You know how annoying ball sweat can be? Just go to Florida in July and try to play soccer. That's gotta be the worst. But clearly it's gotta work right? Guys just aren't going to be spraying shit on their junk if it's a 50/50 shot of pain.

Second, I don't know, maybe turn away from the camera? But then again who cares. I've watched a lot of soccer in my life and have yet to see this happen. The magic spray works for all sort of leg injuries, arm injuries, whenever a player gets stretchered off like he's dead. But have yet to see the down the shorts shot. Finally, I gotta know what this magic spray is. What's exactly in this? Just an absolutely absurd image, but without fans and getting 'unprecedented coverage' this is what we get.  

Tired: Baby Powder

Wired: Magic Spray on the nuts