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This Footage Taken During The Nepal Earthquake Is Some Real Eerie Shit

Buildings about to crumble to dust, birds straight out of a Hitchcock film and precious beer being sacrificed left and right. Some surreal and awful stuff all around. I remember being safe at the shore when that 3.1 pussy quake shook us around a couple years back and I shit my britches. I can’t even fathom being on top of an urban shack during a 7.8. And those tunes not cutting off might be the worst disaster in all of this. It’s a damn shame to survive the quake then die from your ears bleeding because of that music.

Nothing is more eerie and surreal than the 1st person footage taken during the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. Especially since I already have a dream of an approaching Tidal Wave at least once a month. Scary shit all around.