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Wake Up With the Official Trailer for ‘Bill & Ted 3’

I posted the teaser trailer of “Bill & Ted Face the Music” and will continue to post every trailer until this thing finally hits theaters or drive-ins or streaming or Apple Watches or wherever highly anticipated movies  are going to land from now on.

This third film just looks like it was done with care by the people who genuinely love the first two as much as I do. Especially Keanu Reeves as Ted Theodore Logan who definitely doesn’t need the money and Alex Winter who maybe does but still wouldn’t want to tarnish the legacy of his greatest creation, William S. Preston, Esquire.

It’s got all the elements that made the originals so good. Traveling back in time to round up historic figures. Traveling into the future to meet alternate timeline Bill &Teds. Captain Logan telling Ted to grow up. Heaven. Hell. Mr. Death. I’ll even bet the air is clean, water is clean, even the dirt is clean. Bowling averages are way up. Mini golf scores are way down. And we still have more excellent water slides than any planet we communicate with.

Strange things are afoot outside the Circle K. And I need some now more than ever.