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The Olympics Were Supposed To Start Today, So A Bunch Of Live College Mascots Got Together And Gave Us The 'Mascot Olympics'

I mean this is exactly the type of video I needed to see today. We're supposed to be sitting down to watch the Olympics, a perfect summer event to get into swimming, track and field and everything else. But nope it had to be canceled. That's why we're lucky to have these animals. Look at how fucking athletic they are man! I could watch bulldogs waddle around and pretend to jump over hurdles all day.

All I know is we need Ralphie in here ASAP.  Watching Ralphie run around is so damn cool: 

Also need Uga to get his revenge on Bevo

For me Uga is the best live mascot in the college football game. Blue IV wins in the college hoops world. There's just something about a bulldog on the sideline that does it for me. Sure, I'd love to watch the US swimming team right now and probably get too hyped up for a win over France. But for the time being I'll take the college mascot olympics. It's better than nothing.