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Jerry O’Connell Tells Pardon My Take About the Time He Once Won an Award for ‘Favorite Fart in a Movie’

To send you into the weekend, Pardon My Take welcomed on recurring guest Jerry O'Connell. The recurring guest caught up with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter regarding the San Diego SUPER Chargers (Boomer voice), his longtime obsession with fantasy football, movie talk, and more. "JOC" was also asked about his award history, which then led to an interesting discussion:

Mr. Commenter: Have you ever been nominated for an Oscar?

Jerry O'Connell: I've never been nominated for an Oscar. I was nominated for an MTV Movie Award.

Mr. Commenter: That's better. 

Mr. Cat: Did you win?

Jerry O'Connell: Ummmmm....... we may have won. We made a film, I actually don't remember, an amazing independent film I made called "Kangaroo Jack." It was about two guys who go to Australia, they put a sweatshirt on a dead kangaroo, and it wakes up and runs away. And there's $10,000 in the sweatshirt that the kangaroo ran away with. It's a good film.

Mr. Cat: You did not win. 

Jerry O'Connell: The film was nominated for "Best On Screen Fart," we had an on screen fart. 

Mr. Cat: You had "Best Virtual Performance" nominated at MTV Movie Awards, you lost that, but you did win a Kid's Choice Award for "Favorite Fart in a Movie."

Jerry O'Connell: That's what it was, I'm so sorry. 

Mr. Commenter: Was that you farting? Was it an actual fart or a sound effect?

Jerry O'Connell: No, it's funny. A lot of actors say "just do it in post [production], just add it in later." But I was like, "I'm gonna do this." And we did a lot of takes. And it's tough to do over and over. I actually did shit himself in one of the takes. 

Mr. Commenter: That's why it won, you were doing method acting.

Imagine a trophy hanging up in your house that plainly says, "Favorite Fart in a Movie." Just legendary stuff. Any time JOC comes on the show, it is always a good time. I will admit that he was actually the first one to call Big Cat and PFT "Mr. Cat" and "Mr. Commenter." All the credit goes to him. Here's to hoping we get fantasy football in a couple of months so this recurring guest can participate in the game he truly loves.