Mike Francesa Will Be Retiring From WFAN Today...Again

Is dis duh old repawt owuh duh new repawt? 


So it looks like Numbah One is hanging up the mic for retirement numbah two or three or whatever it is. There are probably kids that got into WFAN a few years ago and only know Mike as:

1. The guy weirdos like me make fun of on Twitter

2. The guy who is always about to retire, retiring, or unretiring

They don't know him as the man that built: 





Mink Man

It was nice to see Mike's signature Diet Coke get front row seats for this abrupt announcement. Hearing his kids are in high school broke my feeble old brain and hearing Mike wants to get into the hawses made the Mongo in me laugh. But I'll miss clips of that crazy old man on my radio and duh tweetuh. At least until he unretires again in a couple of months.

God blessya