Juan Soto Has Tested Positive For The Corona


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Today was going SO WELL. We had everything going great. But alas, to have yin there's a yang and Juan Soto, who is 4/6 with 2 HR lifetime against Gerrit Cole (all in the World Series) is now sidelined after testing positive for COVID.

He had been self-isolating for this entire time after coming into contact with someone who had it, but now it's official and he will be out for..I don't know how long. Passan is just saying tonight, and obviously they will be testing him every day and getting him back in the lineup when it's safe.

A big blow to the Nats lineup and in the 60 game season, every single at bat counts so much. But obviously his health, his family's health, and the team's health comes first. With the teams not playing in bubbles, I'm sure other players will test positive as the season goes on. But you never want it to be like this. Man. Talk about the season getting off on a bad foot.