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Joe Rogan Breaks Down The Roy Jones Jr vs Mike Tyson Fighting Styles...Two Years Ago

There has just been NON stop news cucking baseball's Opening Day. Taylor Swift and now...Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. We've seen Tyson releasing training videos for several months now. With this fighting being announced I am sure there is going to be a LARGE crowd of people saying "eh who cares?"...umm, I care, BITCH. You know who else cares? Joe Rogan. Rogan is on record with saying that Tyson and Jones Jr are his two favorite boxers ever. He talked about this at length two years ago. 

I think people my age think of these two boxers more than anyone else. They were it when we were growing up. Boxing was(is?) dying, but Tyson and Jones made people care. Hearing Rogan explain why is better than anything I could say. The only thing he didn't mention was the playstation video game Fight Nights with Jones on the cover. He was a fucking BEAST and that game was sweet. 

I am sure that this fight will end up looking like patty cakes in slow motion and I am not really sure why boxing is feeling the need to have a senior circuit right now. It feels weird and kind of dangerous. Having said that...I am going to tune in. You know why? Because you just never know with these two guys. Tyson might snap and go for a knock out. Jones might take that big right hand and pissed off and go to work and all of a sudden we have a GUTTER WAR. Ding ding. Let's go.