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The Late Pick Five at Saratoga + Best Bets of the Day

Ok, so yesterday was a BRUTAL beat in the early Pick Five at Saratoga. We went with not one, but two singles, and survived both of them. Heading into the last leg, we had all but the two longest shots in the field. And then 45-1 came running on home to beat us. Just brutal. But, you know what we say. So what? Who cares? What's next? And what's next is Saratoga and the late Pick Five this afternoon. This is the ticket Lo Duca and I are playing together, I think you could cut it slightly if you wanted to, but after yesterday, we're running a little deeper. Let's go.

Saratoga Late Pick Five:





11...$135 for 50 cents

Best Bets of the Day:

Delaware Park Second Race: (6) Cougar Vision 7-2 ML

Laurel Park Third Race: (8) Nick Papagiorgio 5-2 ML

Arapahoe Third Race: (4) Kiana's Love 5-2 ML

Live Longshot of the Day:

(1) Karan's Notion at 12-1 in the Fourth Race at Laurel