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I Am Going To Pay To Watch 54 year-old Mike Tyson Fight 51 year-old Roy Jones Jr In An 8 Round Exhibition (Allegedly)

I am not 100% sure this goes off, and, to be honest, I wouldn't touch this stupid headline if a respected guy like Kevin Iole didn't report it first...

And TMZ gave me the confirming tick...

Am I excited about this?


Will I be paying $75 to watch it?


And will I break down the matchup as it gets closer to the handful of people who care?


But for now, the date looks like it will be September 12th, and there will be extremely watchable documentaries of both fighters attached to the event.

And IF this sideshow goes off without a hitch… Meaning it made money, Tyson wins, and nobody died… Then the next matchup will undoubtedly be Tyson versus a then 58-year-old Evander Holyfield.

Meaning I will then have to pay another $75 for the same matchup that I have seen twice already (Evander "won" both) except it is 25 years later.

Take a report.


You've seen enough Tyson montages, so enjoy some footage of a man I watched knock out another man with a 26 punch combination…