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Today Is A Good Day




Honestly, some days are good days, and some days are bad days. I feel like in 2020, more days have been on the bad side of the scale. We spent a very long time inside without much to do. No new movies, no live sports, no concerts, no nothin. It's been a shitty, shitty year. 

But some days are good. Today, knock on wood, is one of those days. One of them days that lets you know maybe every little thing is going to be all right. 

The top tweet, Chase Young signing his deal with the Re…Washington Football Club. I have almost stopped using "Redskins" but man these fingers are programmed to type it. His singing makes me believe football will be played this fall. That he will be eating Carson Wentz for lunch in no time. And that excites me.

Then, the return of baseball. Live sports are BACK. Scherzer vs Cole, are you kidding me? Well, hopefully. Looks like it's supposed to rain all night in DC, but you never know. But still, the IDEA of live sports being back, the baseball regular season finally starting, that's exciting shit. It's a return to normalcy. I love that.

And obviously the most important news of the day…no…of the entire year, a new Taylor Swift album drops at midnight. I love Taylor Swift as much as I hate Dan Snyder. They are my yin and yangs. They keep me balanced. A new Taylor album is exactly what I needed to cap off today. Plus it looks like it's going to be sad and emo, what's better than that? Nothing.

Bad days happen. But good ones do too. July 23, 2020, you one of the good ones my friends. Salut.