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This Is Easily The Best Stephen A. Smith Meme

Stephen A. Smith has become somewhat of a folk legend online. 

Sure, he's been killin it for seemingly forever at ESPN. We all grew up knowing Stephen A. as the "However!" guy and now he's gone full blown meme in this age of the internet. 

And while there are many, many great ones out there, one rises above the rest. 

If you hit a quote tweet with this at the right time you're bound to go viral. I laugh every time. So dramatic. How he leads up to the "devastated" by starting with his head down like a shy puppy "I'm a bit sad" is pure showmanship from Stephen A. No one does it better. 

I'm just patiently waiting until we inevitably get the bad news about this upcoming college football season from Pat Forde to drop this one on them. I had it first so please give me a little credit if you beat me to it. 

The beauty of this one is they not only play well online, but they're almost even better in a group text. 

"Hey man, don't think I can make it tomorrow night - gotta go to my in-laws". 

*Stephen A. "im a bit sad" meme*

"Hey I invited ______ to join us for drinks, that cool?"

*Stephen A. "im a bit sad" meme*


*Stephen A. "im a bit sad" meme*

Just some classic group text fun. 

While I stand behind the "I'm a bit sad" one being the best, a close second is this:

No better way to shoot your shot online than Stephen A. doing it for you.