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The Miami Heat Did Their Best To Recreate Fans, How'd They Do?

I thought about putting this in the Last Night blog but decided to give it a separate blog so it wouldn't get lost in the shuffle. With the games starting up yesterday we saw some teams try certain in game entertainment options out and they weren't all great

but what we did get during the MIA/SAC game was a look at how the league and teams could use that video board that surrounds the court. I have to admit, I don't exactly hate that crowd chant/video. It's weird and definitely a little corny, but listen these are weird times. In a big moment having that visual could be better than nothing in my opinion if done right. I wonder if they'll also do something similar during FTs to distract shooters like what you would normally get in a real game. That wouldn't be so bad. You need to try and find a way to create a homecourt advantage somehow and that's the best idea I've seen so far. It's obviously impossible to recreate an arena with 18,000 fans going crazy, but I have to tip my cap to the NBA for trying new things. I'm sure there are people who will clown on this, but why hate? As long as it's not overdone and we still get the sounds of the game, I'll take something like that video every once in a while to help make things more normal. It's a look too zoomed in for my taste but I feel like that can be tweaked before the seeding games start. Think of it like this. When these guys are like 6 weeks in with no female contact, why wouldn't a team throw up a bunch of videos of gorgeous fans as a distraction? These players are going to look 100% of the time and lose focus for a second. That could be an advantage and brings in an element of competition I could get behind.

Am I crazy? Is this just my excitement for basketball being back taking over and really this is terrible and I just can't see it? Those are fair questions. 

So I'll turn to you, the fine reader of this blog. On a scale of not bad to god awful what do you think about this idea? I think I'm for it, for now.