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Correction: The Official Barstool Sports Opinion On "Reputation" And "Lover" Is That They Are Good, Not Bad

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Here at Barstool Sports, we let anyone type anything and send it out into the world. The problem with that is whoever gets to the blog first then "speaks" for the entire company. Usually that's not a problem, but in this case, today, it's a HUGE problem. Because Barstool Chief wrote that Reputation and Lover, Taylor's latest two albums are quote "not good". And that's quite literally the dumbest, most moronic thing ever typed and sent into the world. If there was ever an example of why the blog needs a complete overhaul, it's that sentence right there. People shouldn't just be allowed to type that. This is what happens when someone who thinks hummus is an elite appetizer is given a keyboard. So please, Ms Swift, know that the official opinion from the real Taylor fans at Barstool is that Reputation and Lover are actually good. I…I can't even imagine not liking Lover. I'm not sure Chief has even listened to it, to be quite honest. Or maybe he's just being edgy? If you like Taylor Swift, you like Lover. It's as pure Taylor as it gets. There's nothing unlikable about it. It is probably her 2nd best album behind Red. And he wrote it's "not good". That is not the official opinion of Barstool, let it be written, let it be said.


PS: Dropping it during the whole Kanye drama is such a Taylor boss move. She doesn't care that he's been hyping his album for the last 2 weeks, she's like nah, I only need 18 hours of hype to get to the top of the charts. King stay king.