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Cheerleader Nailed A Sweet Backflip Other Than The Part Where Her Ankle Turned Into An Accordion


This weekend is the US All Star Federation Cheerleading Worlds and, as you might guess, I was breathlessly awaiting the outcome. Unfortunately, it’s hard to appreciate the majesty of girls flipping around to the Spotify Hot 100 when one girl’s leg ends up looking like that metal L tool you only use to assemble things from Ikea:


Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.28.23 AM


I don’t know a ton about cheerleading outside of Bring It On and a whole lot of fantasy porn scenes but I do know that anyone who says cheerleading isn’t a sport is an absolute idiot. This girl obliterated her ankle and she TRIED TO GET UP AND KEEP FLIPPING ON IT. That’s hardcore as fuck. And stuff like this happens all the time because high school cheerleaders are mediocrely trained young women who don’t pay attention throwing each other 25 feet in the air. Maybe I don’t want to do it — obviously I’d have been great at it, their loss — but if you don’t respect the hell out of every bad bitch to lace up a pair of pom poms get out of the faces of both me and K’nex leg here.


(h/t @sstephjohn)