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If You Made A Big Pot Of Beef Chili, Added 3 Pounds Of Sour Cream, Then Dumped The Entire Thing Into A Black Trash Bag, That's Exactly What Kim Kardashian's Ass Would Looks Like

I don’t know whether I should puke on my dick or punch myself in the eyeballs so I can no longer see. I  feel like Silvio during Christopher Moltasanti’s  intervention.

“When I logged onto the internet this morning there you were with your cream cheese ass. Your ass was in a pair of ill fitting see through spandex. Disgusting. I’ve said my piece”.

Not that anyone would ever defend Kim Kardashian but if there is that person out there just remember, she literally calls the paparazzi to meet her everywhere she goes. This is never by accident. All she wants is her name on the internet every day. Its fame-whoring at its simplest level.

“OMG, how’d you guys know I would be here??? Check out my ass, barf.com right???!!!”