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If We're Being Totally Honest, The "Let's Go, ________" Chant Sucks Even With Fans

I mean, yeah...obviously a "Let's go, Nuggets" chant in Orlando with zero fans in attendance wasn't going to go well. I'm confused as to why anybody would expect it to go well in the first place. But at least this was funny so it adds some level of entertainment to the game. Just a super aggressive pre-recorded solo "Let's go, Nuggets" belting through an empty arena? That's hilarious. But a couple thousand people in Denver chanting "let's go, Nuggets"? Or for that matter, any "let's go, [insert team name and/or city here]" chant ever in existence? Well I just hope whoever came up with that chant template in the first place realizes what a gigantic piece of shit they are. 

The lack of creativity. The lack of passion. It's as generic as they come. Like not fucking shit you want the home team to "let's go". That is very much implied the moment that you walk into the arena. A "let's go, [insert team name]" adds absolutely nothing of value to any sporting event. It's just a filler chant because people are idiots and they feel the need to make a lot of noise at games. And don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-chanting. I'm not anti-making a shit ton of noise at games. But chanting isn't something that American sports fans have really quite mastered yet. We're actually failing at it miserably. You listen to the chants that European soccer fans come up with and it's clear as the day is long that we're miles and miles behind them. 

Again, you're a fan of the team. They're playing in front of their home crowd. The "let's go, [team name]" is very much implied. Yet every single fanbase in America decides to break it out at some point during every single game. Enough already. We know you want your team to go. Tell us something more. Get creative. You shouldn't settle for a mediocre team, but your team shouldn't settle for a mediocre fanbase. Give them the chants they deserve, and let's leave the "let's go" in the past.