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"Panera Karen" Says Masks Won't Protect You From Covid — "You Fart Out Of Your Ass And You Can Smell It Out Of Your Ass"

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A woman refused to wear a mask at a Panera Bread in California, claiming they’re useless to stop the spread of COVID-19 since people can still smell farts through pants, video shows.

Lot of smart people out there, but sometimes it's the simplest argument that is the most effective. 

“Just put on a mask, don’t be such a moron,” See says. “You selfish piece of s–t. Get out of here, you’re so f—ing selfish!”

That leads the maskless woman to turn around and ask See to “stop it” before she intentionally blows air in his direction, video shows.

See, who was with a friend at the time, then curses out the woman — telling her to “grow the f–k up” — as she walks away before she stops briefly to provide her apparent reasoning for not donning a mask.

“You think that mask is going to protect you?” the woman says. “You fart out your ass; you can smell it out of your ass. You think that mask is going to protect you?”



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Next time you're in an argument with a lib, go ahead and borrow Panera Karen's main point. If pants don't stop Karen's stinky farts from reaching your nose, how the hell do you think that little mask is going to stop Covid?