I Respect The Nuggets For Still Doing A "Let's Go Nuggets" Chant For Fans During Their Game With No Fans

Now this is the type of comedy I'm looking for in the bubble. We all know these are weird times and that games aren't going to feel normal. Anything you can do to make things feel like the used to is A OK by me and I guess that now includes doing crowd chants with no crowd. I've said it before but for anyone who doesn't watch a lot of Nuggets games, their PA announcer is one of the best in the business. His "yyyyyeaaaaaaauuuhhhhhhhh" after a made three always plays. Much better than that bullshit we hear in ATL with "forrr THREEEEEEE" and some screeching Hawk noise. That stinks.

So you bet your ass I love the team unleashing his vintage "LET'S. GO. NUGGGGETTTSS" chant with a total of like 15 people in the stands and without a doubt becoming the saddest chant request in franchise history. Whatever though, they have to get their reps in somehow. How do we know that once things are up and running in the seeding games that we won't hear that chant from the fake crowd noise? That's the only thing I can think of really because on the surface there is no reason for this chant only to be clowned on the internet. But in a close game in the fourth quarter is exactly when the Nuggets players would hear that type of chant. Granted the Pepsi Center is much louder when it comes to the response, but oh well.


All I know is things are going to be weird and stuff like this is what makes the bubble restart so much fun. I will say though at the very least the guys on the bench could have helped out and actually screamed something. Have some pride for your team for me one time.

Anyway if you missed the game it was pretty damn good, Bol Bol basically won over the entire planet

Skinny Jokic threw up 16/7/7 (8 TOs), and the Nuggets pulled out the win. 

Safe to say the return to basketball has been just as awesome as we hoped.