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Initial Takeaways From The NBA's First Scrimmage

We finally made it. After what seemed like forever, there is basketball on our televisions. Here are some of my initial thoughts in real time as I was watching as the first quarter just ended.

- I'm not sure if it was just my NBATV feed or what, but this looks a little burry, especially in transition. A little confusing because I'm pretty sure HD camera's exist but I'm willing to concede that maybe it was just my connection or something. Seems hard to imagine they spend all this money on the setup and then have dogshit cameras. That would be a big miss.

- I have the LAC broadcast on and I'm just going to be honest. Waaaaaaaayyyyy too much talking. I dunno if that's how things always are but this basically sounded like a radio broadcast. In fact I think it was their radio guy after doing a little research so that would make sense. The NBA needs to send a note to remind the broadcast teams to let the game breathe. It's OK that there are no fans, let us hear the sounds of the game. That's always been a pet peeve of mine and maybe it didn't annoy anyone else but goddamn dude take a breath. 

- Why is there no analyst or anyone else on the broadcast? That feels weird. 

- The play was pretty gross at times, but that was to be expected

- The court environment looked OK I guess. A lot like Summer League. Seeing as I'm someone who loves Summer League I didn't mind it one bit. We know there isn't any of the in game entertainment stuff going on during these scrimmages so this was pretty much what I figured it would be like. Once there's crowd noise and whatnot my guess is it'll feel as close to normal as you can.

- Paul George looks like he's ready to roll. That's pretty important I'd say for the Clippers playoff chances. But seeing as how he has shoulder issues it was fair to wonder how he would look after the hiatus.

- I'm getting closer and closer to thinking Aaron Gordon can carry the Magic to the 7 seed and then maybe win a game or two against whoever the 2 seed is. I imagine this is how Magic fans often feel when they see Gordon have flashes of strong play.

- I like that little section by the benches for a mini crowd of sorts

Let's be clear here, I was going to love this no matter what it looked like. I'm just happy basketball is back and this is now our life for the foreseeable future. There were times during the quarantine where we didn't know if this would be possible, but now it's here and things are about to get nuts.