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Jets Owner Woody Johnson Is In Some Seriously Hot Water Right Now...

Since Trump took over in the White House and named Woody Johnson the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, his brother Christopher Johnson has taken over the operations as the Jets owner. Woody is still the co-owner of the Jets (and majority owner I believe). 

It appears that Woody has got himself into a little bit of trouble overseas. 

SOURCE-Among the allegations are that Johnson made racist comments about Black men and questioned the purpose of Black History Month. He allegedly argued that Black fathers don't remain with their families, calling it the "real challenge."

CNN reported that Johnson would comment on women's appearances at the embassy and public events and said that he preferred working with women because they were cheaper and worked harder. Johnson reportedly would hold gatherings at a men's-only club, shutting out female diplomats from being able to attend, before being told by another diplomat to stop the practice.

Here we can see Jamal Adams reacting to the news:

Outside of the alleged racist/sexist actions and remarks, Woody also has another issue on his hands:

The New York Times first reported Tuesday that Johnson told colleagues in February 2018 that Trump asked him to try to secure an Open Championship at the Trump Turnberry resort in Scotland. The newspaper reported that Johnson raised the issue with the secretary of state for Scotland, but no Opens have been scheduled at the president's resort.

A source familiar with the inquiry told CNN that investigators focused on Johnson's efforts to use his position to influence business matters for Trump.

That sounds a lot like classic politics to me, but I assume that if found to be true then Woody would be in a bit of trouble. Would this result in him giving up the Jets? I don't think so. The only way I could see that happening is if the allegations of racism and sexism are true and both are incredibly rampant in his life. Even then I'd put it at a small percentage that he would be forced to sell the Jets. 

Not sure why Woody wanted to give up his position as the owner of a New York NFL team to go and use his influence to get the British Open to be played at a Trump Golf Course in Scottland. Seems to be a bit of a downgrade. From owner of a multi-billion dollar football team to doing Trump's dirty work? Weird. Is it a power thing? I guess the power you have as an NFL owner isn't as much as the power you have as an ambassador to the United Kingdom? I feel like that's not true. Being filthy rich is a wild world.