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Do NFL players have the best fast food taste?

No one eats more road food than pro athletes, so whenever one of them pops off on social about who has the best taco or which chain serves the best fries, it always attracts interest.

A week ago the Boys put out a tweet asking people to rank the Top 4 burgers out of the following chains: In-N-Out, Whataburger, Five Guys, and Dairy Queen. Wait. WUT? Dairy Queen????

All three boys had lots of thoughts about In-N-Out. 

“The first time (I went to In-N-Out) I did it all wrong,” Corey Levin said on the pod, “and ordered it regular, and it was ‘eh’, and then I came back and maybe Will was like ‘dude you gotta get it Animal Style’, and it was 100x better.’”

But their love wasn’t always so strong for the west coast chain. 

“You can never bulk order something. We got a plethora of In-N-Out Burger and it was like ‘this is trash’ but it’s yeah bulk order,” Taylor noted. 

Will echoed a similar sentiment. Not great for team meals but amazing individually. 

PAUSE. I have thoughts. 

DAIRY QUEEN? I love soft serve and their burger is ok, but Top 4? I do not think so. No love for Shake Shack? Nothing? No love for Wendy’s? And In-N-Out at the top of the list is as much hype train as you can get. In-N-Out is the most overrated chain restaurant potentially in the country. You can tell these boys don’t live out west because it’s a treat when they go into California and order from the “secret menu.” 

What are some of your favorite burger chains that you think Taylor and Will should have given love to? 

Drop your recommendations below and to get more insight on Taylor’s desire to play this season amidst Coronavirus fears and more, make sure to watch the latest episode.