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Congratulations (I Think) To This Canadian IG Model On Avoiding Jail Time For Throwing A Chair Off The 45th Floor Into Traffic

You may remember this video from February 2019. In a shocking move, a Canadian woman threw a chair off of the 45th floor into traffic. In an even more shocking move, she posted this onto social media.

The person in that video is Marcella Zoia:

She has parlayed her "fame" from this disgusting act (Joe Buck voice) into 62,000 Instagram followers:

Yesterday was her sentencing. 

SOURCE-An Instagram influencer posted a video of herself partying with pals after she avoided jail for throwing a chair into a busy road.

Marcella Zoia shot to infamy when a video of her launching the piece of furniture from a 45th floor balcony went viral.

Following the reckless stunt the 20-year-old pleaded guilty to a charge of mischief endangering life.

Prosecutors in Toronto, Canada were seeking a six month jail term for the Instagram star.

She was instead handed a £1,000 fine, 150 hours of community service and two years probation by Justice Mara Greene yesterday.

Gotta say, a $1,160 fine is not nearly enough for that act. I know next to nothing about law, but I guess I understand why you don't want to put her in jail. 150 hours of community service is a lot, but we've got to up that fine. Just over $1000? I mean come on, Canada! The woman threw a chair off the 45th floor into oncoming traffic and then was dumb enough to post it on social media!!! There has to be some form of universal law and punishment for those who do incredibly dumb things to go viral on social media while putting others at risk. I don't know what that punishment is, but I also don't get paid like a lawyer so it's up to the suits to figure that one out. 

Marcella celebrated by posting this video:

Nothing like celebrating getting no jail time because you threw a chair off the balcony on the 45th floor! Those are the best parties.