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Here's A Collection Of Videos And Pictures That Prove Paul Rhoads Is A Cry Baby Bitch


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That’s all Paul Rhoads does is cry to the officials. He cries and he cries and he cries.  Non-stop bitching and moaning.  I guess I can’t blame him.  He’s 27-36 during his stint at a school (1-2 in bowl games) where nobody gives a shit about football.  He’s the head coach of the Little Brother school in his state and there aren’t too many things worse than that.  So it makes some sense why he LOSES HIS SHIT every time a little call goes against him and his team.  All of that pent up rage has to come out somewhere.  If I was a ref I’d be afraid he was going to kill me over a pass interference call.  Paul Rhoads’ demeanor and actions extend to the fans that root for his team.  All they do is cry about the refs because that’s the only gripe they can come up with.  They’re too stupid to realize that if they were just a better team then the calls from officials wouldn’t be magnified/dreamed up by them.  I’m sure we’ll see more of it tomorrow when the Cyclones get their asses handed to them in Iowa City and the Hawks are proudly parading around with the Cy-Hawk Trophy.  Paul Rhoads will have one of his meltdowns over some little call and then all day long Cyclone fans will bitch about it too.  Such a gross fan base and coach.


Here’s what a real football coach looks like.  Calm and collected and wise.  Like a khaki pants-wearing Buddha.


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